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17 October 2013 -  Manufacturing process Every manufacturing process starts with a strict design review which is done by our engineering team. Whether it is a flat-bed, low-bed, or tanker trailer you can be certain that your trailer is going to be one of the best engineered products in the industry. However, after having the design ready, adjustments can be done depending on the costumer’s preferences and requirements(length of trailers, number and type of axles..). After that, quotes are formally generated, a lead time is established and a delivery date estimate is provided. This information is based on component availability and line capacity. Once the order acknowledgement is confirmed the purchasing department is instantly notified of any special order parts required for the order. Each trailer arrives on our yard as raw steel and components. after storing, The raw materials are quickly processed by our plasma cutters, bending machines, rolling machines or other precision manufacturing devices. These devices help reduce process time, but more importantly our investment in machinery provides parts machined to perfect specifications, cuts and punches with clean edges, and parts that make each built identical. That, after all, would make our final products to be as “fault -free” as possible. After travelling down the welding line. Each trailer must be inspected with a checklist and the construction is compared to the job order to ensure accuracy of the product to be delivered. After having everything inspected, paint comes into play. As well known, Using a sandblaster eliminates much of the hard work that goes into finishing a surface, that is why we make sure that Your trailer is sandblasted in our modern sandblasting booth and all welds are mechanically ground to a professional appearance. In the end, your trailer is formally inspected once again . This inspection is for a uniform, glossy, and flawless finish. After passing inspection, axles are installed. axles are mounted and aligned by our expert and skilled workers in a way that your trailer tracks straight and lasts for years to come.    

Qasioon Group of Companies

Since its founding in the UAE in 1997, Qasioon Trailers and tanks manufacturing has become one of the leading suppliers of Tank trailers, tippers, flat bed semitrailers, low-bed semitrailer..etc .Growing bigger, after shifting to the humeriaya free zoon (FZE), we started having higher standards and much better quality products, which was clearly reflected on the level of satisfaction of our clients. As a result of that, and after building a good repetition in the domestic market, which is a very competitive market, the company expanded its operations to cover the whole GCC region, such as Oman, Yemen, and even Africa.